Shirt 2


THECANATTACK is a regular Zeamspeak user and loves to record videos all the time. He draws sketchy cartoons some people might find desturbing. He lives in Vermont, which according to Jade, is a city in Canada/CanadiaLand.

He usually plays Minecraft, Left 4 Dead 2, Killing Floor, Pokemon, Team Fortress 2, The Hidden, and Trouble in Terrorist Town.

He mostly hangs out with Jade, Bill Gates The Science Nye, Derpus, Milo, Nano, Pepper, Sandman and Wonderlama.

The Channels he hangs out in are Kansas, Alderaan, Soviet Russia, Pallet Town, Callers Waiting, Dead Bodies and Canada.

Quotes: "Nooooooo!" "Looks like your using the Can method" "No one comes out of my closet" "I need to make another statue of myself" "I am god like"