"If you do you will find a Burrito in you butt!" -Renlio

Renlio: The Rage of Zeamspeak==

Renlio is one of the few Mexicans in the Zeamspeak that actually likes beans. He usually yells alot and mumbles whne he can't speak. He is annoyed by New Users, whiny children, and people that can't say his name right. He usually is loud, weird, and crazy. He tries to flirt with most girls but he really doesn't care since being friend zone excites him.

Remember, he usually is cranky when he hasn't had sex in 5 minutes. He can be mature and nice at times and sensitive. He usually hangs out with DanielleNya, Matt, takingday, Kingmorgan, Rachael, and Dani.

Video GamesEdit

He usually plays League of Legends, Smite, Blacklight: Retribution, Halo 2, Minecraft, Terraria, TF2, Toribash, Tribes:Ascend, Ghost Recon, SINS and Minesweeper.

He also plays OMGPOP when people seduce him to play it.


Renlio is also a YouTube commentator, and usually uploads some gameplay. He is currently looking for people to play with since he is lonely. Here is his YouTube Channel:


Fap Fap Fap.... just kidding. He usually draws anime style. He is at times reading and writing perverted stuff and usually sings remixes fo songs. Oh and he also has a twitter: