Rachael is a regular on zeamspeak. A growing young woman with many talents in the world of the internets. She has
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no name, except for her truth of the 100 year old hamster, Adele, Cucumber, and Raphael. Her many marriages cosisted of, Lago, gl4d0s, Cupcake, Jolly, Infected, and currently, no one.

Mostly, she complains about her two annoying rats, who do not want to shut up, and her dumbfuck dogs.  Lovingly, she writes her scat porn and fanfics, while she hums along to the tune of carless whisper.

She's a faggot, and she will not go out with you, you do not know what she looks like nor anything about her, fuck off.  

Games Rachael Plays: Anything that wrecks kids. Get a life you little shit.

People Rachael Loves: Fuck you.

Rooms Rachael Spends her time in: Dead bodies.

Quote: "Wow!" "Ew" "Be the ____ to my ___"  " Stfu" "I'm a saint"