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Hi I'm lagomaniac123, but you can call me lago.

If you're reading this, then I have one question. Who are you, really, who are you. While you're reading, take a look at youself, and contemplate your existence. Are you done? Good. If you're not, then learn to read slower than you just did. Anyways, now that you've looked at you life and thought about why you're here, take all those thoughts, manifest them into something physical, and shove them up your ass, because that's more usefull than telling them to me. Now is also a perfect time to learn that if you happen to get offended by me, you can shove those words up your ass along with your previously thought up thoughts of existence, and i mean really get them up in there together.

Ok, i'm sorry, that was uncalled for. Here take a look at my dog. Isn't she cute? Damn right she is. Now look into her eyes, she means no harm, she only loves. Now, when you get butthurt with me,(which i can assure you will happen at least once) think of her face, just sitting there and smiling, and then shut the fuck up, because i could really give a fuck. Have a nice day


Well since it's been a while, here's an update:

All you greenhorns and noobs, if you happen to be reading this: fuck you. At least for the first month until i get to know you. then it'll be: fuck you :D But seriously fuck the noobs, they piss me off sometimes. walking around with their chins up acting like they're the shit because they're new. Well jokes on you, because i got you all a puppy. That's right, a motherfucking puppy. Now watch as i snap that little fuckers neck right in front of you. Have a nice fucking day. ALL HAIL THE NEW LUNAR REPUBLIC. ALL HAIL LUNA.Lagomaniac123 (talk) 20:49, September 27, 2012 (UTC)lagomaniac123