Jolly as normal

Jolly Doing his friend


The most unbritish British person on the planet. Jolly is a regular on the Zeamspeak joined late June. Known for his countless soundalikeness to a few Interneters. mainly spends most of his time on Zeamspeak with Cr@sh777, Rachael and WowMuch. He likes poop. Also play geetar on the teamspeak

Also Jollyghost is the Owner of Detroit

Motha Fucka Also sounds like Monty Oum of Roosterteeth.

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Lives in England and studies A-Level music. 17 years old one of the older regulars on the Zeamspeak. It was reported that as of lately he's been seen defecating on Nikky43's front porch. Why he came to America to perform this one act of gratuity no one knows.

Games Played in Zeamspeak

  • Draw My Thing
  • Minecraft
  • BattleField 3
  • Killing Floor
  • Club Penquin (favourite)
  • Portal 2 Downloading addition
  • Portal 2 Download finally addition
  • Payday da mothafucking heist
  • Super Meat Boy
  • The Ship
  • SourceFilmmaker(normal Rage quits)

Common phrases

  • "I'm a pro"
  • "Get out"
  • "eeww" normally followed by "get a room"
  • "Bloody hell"
  • "Bugga"
  • Sp00n impression "Are you a gurl?!?"
  • "Put your hands up for Detroit!" "I Love this city"
  • "Stop Stealing my lines"
  • "I'm BatPanda"