Some believe that Drew was an eagle in his past life, which is what contributes to his fear of leather gloves.

Its Not Drew is a regular on TeamSpeak, and mostly plays games with THECANATTACK and bready90. He's well known for his YouTube channel, ComanderSD, where he posts videos of himself playing games and talking about things.

Its Not Drew grew up in a small town in Vermont, in the year 1988. Since he was a young boy, he has always had a facination with birds of all types. Large, small, we would want to ride them all. He always dreamed of reaching the sky, literally and methphorically. One day, he was walking through the woods near his cabin, and came across a tribe of natives, who showed him his first computer. After showing him the wonders of Steam, the tribe let Drew leave to go and play with himself (they had no wifi connection). Not longer after that, he had already bought well over 50 games.

In 2009, Drew met his future wife, soulmate, and video making partner THECANATTACK while on vacation in Disney World, Hong Kong. THECANATTACK and Drew talked for a few days, after which they had their first sexual encounter. This eventually ended up causing the creation of the YouTube channel "Attack of the Drew," which quickly evolved into ComanderSD due to legal issues with the TV Network G4. That was where Drew got his first job in show business. 

Drew eventually went on to produce original hits such as "Catch " and "Magika Playthrough w/Bready ep.26 - THE END," both of which became instant classics.

Unfortunately, fame hit Drew hard. In late 2011, Drew was admitted to rehab due to an addiction to drugs and alcohol. He later died in that same facility from a stab wound caused during a fight with his white-power gang "Drewbie's Angels." He was cremated, and his ashes were spread in THECANATTACK's garden, where they await discovery by THECANATTACK.