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finaltrinity5 in real life.


With a dildo (Mouthpiece) in his mouth.

finaltrinity5 - IRL Christian - is a regular member of the Zeamspeak, and joined late June. The first words he heard were Zeds 4 Lyf. Since then, he has interacted with various members of the Zeamspeak, including Cr@sh777, Rachael , Dani, Ezo , Arkania , GL4D0S, SavageCupcake and JollyGhostPoop . Recently he has been introduced to the wonders of Tenga Eggs by Mattm1810 and WowMuch, AKA Kyle. He is 15 years old and a full boy. He is 5 ft. 3 in. and a little chubby.

He plays the sexaphone. And the Pjanoo.

The first scarring experience with the Zeamspeak was the night on June 25, 2012, when he was chosen to read homosexual creature fanfiction. Since then, he gets shivers at the word fanfiction. He will never again read one (out loud.)

Because he is poor, he is unable to afford games on Steam, aside from the free-to-play games. He often complains about not being able to play DayZ, and often asks people who do have the game to gift it to him. If he is not on his main computer, he is on his laptop playing his PS3 upstairs, either Metal Gear Solid HD Collection or Battlefield 3.

His background noises include angry asian women, vibrating controllers, telephone calls, food, annoying ass clock chimes, people vigorously masturbating, and little children getting murdered.

Saturday Night Gaming w Christian and Jedrek

Saturday Night Gaming w Christian and Jedrek

finaltrinity5 in real life, with his IRL friend.

He is currently in the process of getting a job and attending Driver's Ed. He is also getting volunteer hours at a local soup kitchen.

He constantly signs off without any warning, so he doesn't get shat on by his mom.

Tickle his anus and call him Samantha.

Where to reach him.

Twitter - @ChrisChink

Facebook - Fuck off.

Instagram - Fuck off.

Steam - finaltrinity5

PSN - finaltrinity5

XBL - Fuck off.

Also has a high horse PS Vita.

Games he plays -



Battlefield 3

Call of Duty MW3 - Fuck that game

Saints Row The Third

Metal Gear Solid 4/HD Collection

Uncharted SERIES

Shit He Says -

"What the Fuck?"

"Holee Shit..."

"What the Fuck does that even mean?"

"Does someone need a hug?"


"Someone Gift me DayZ."

"Let's play (insert stupid game here.)"

"Fuck Fanfiction."

"What the Fuck are you all doing?"

"What the Fuck is this?"

"Who the Fuck are you?"

"That doesn't suprise me, (like) at all.

"Aw Son of a Bitch..."

"No, please for the love of God."

"Dear. Lord. Dude."

"But mooooooooom..."

"What the hell is going on?"

Other Shit

He currently has a fanfiction on the Creature Hub called Violent Coincedences.