Farmergal's Normal picture the one named ZeRoyalPenguin

Shauna 'Farmergal' is a regular on Zeamspeak. known for being married to VicksChestRub, "mean", sarcastic, and Canadian. She is the newborn of Zake and Danielle.



Farmer... ^

Farmer resides In British Columbia Canada along the South Coast. Currently has a chickens living in her house named Tillie who was in this video.

Taking place in Chilled's "creepy jeopardy game" and coming away never banned but this may be from the fact that she was never asked a question.

VicksChestRubher supposed "Manwife". the two met and created their own little story, including him murdering their children, their cat, smashing her Xbox and Ps3. leaving him for a character named "Barb" the hot Bartender,


Farmergal gettin' freaky in tinychat

was shot down and came back to Vicks. switching between changing their name and poking each other this resulting in Kittenz thinking Farmer's name was 'Barb' but now he has switched back to her usual name. Supposedly sounds like RachelKip, according to some of the other users and her brother.


Farmer plays whatever she feels like it at the time either on Teamspeak or not these include.

  • Skyrim (Ps3)
  • Toribash
  • Draw my thing
  • GangGarrison
  • Words That Follow
  • Minecraft
  • Karaoke Party
  • "Creepy Jepordy" or Ban Game (in Gustapos)

These are only a small sample. trust me, there are a lot more.

Catchphrases and Quotes

  • "Shuddup" (usually used after she says something stupid)
  • "Oh dear/Oh God"
  • "Nope, Bugthesta" (refurring to Skyrim)
  • "ScumbagSteam..and their summer sales"
  • "Rocks."
  • "nooooooooo!/No No No NOOOOOOO" (either mocking buffy or at the sound of fan fics)
  • "Shut up/GTFO Soup."
  • "WeeSnaw"
  • "Poliwag"

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