Shy guy by locke3k-d2yjtvm

Hes a part of the zeamspeak (derp) and He maybe the nicest person you

know it depends. He is pretty big in pokemon and always has a pokedex with him

so if you have any questions with pokemon just ask. Hedosent talk very

much unless you want to say something to him or ask a question. He will

probally play any game with you as long as he have the game nuff said.

Now for the story of his Life.

The Life of EpicShyGuy

'Hewas Born
and raised in pallet town, ended up being the best trainer in the

entire universe. After he quit that job and became a Maverick Hunter and

stopped the evil mavericks from destroying the city of metropilis. Then he

found a thing called a computer. On it was when he discorved that ze had a

teamspeak. He went to get the address but in the front of it was no other

then A hyper version of Dr. Eggman. He began to shoot lasers out of his

Chest and threw fireballs at him but he was able to avoid him and shoot him down with his mega buster.

He thought to myself that he will finally get the address but no a new foe appared nega scott he turned out to

be a cool guy. But anyway hope you have a good time on teamspeak!

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