I'm DC, or Danny, what's up. I'm always on Zeamspeak unless i don't feel like it, so poke me if you need me, if i am away. IM A FREAKING AMERICAN and if you arn't YOU WILL BE. I'll make it happen. Or not i don't really care. Also i am best friends with Charlie Sheen, I am Charlie Sheen. I like to have fun and mess around with my friends. I hate big groups of people. Hate being used as a joke, by jerks. I have many masks.

Also i hate most people, because most of you are annoying, so yea, dont bother me.

I say a lot of dumb things, but i mean well. :/ no joke, i am sometimes mean and hurtful but i love my friends and never mean anything bad i say.

MANAGER OF: Infected, F0rk

CHILDHOOD: Lilo and Stitch

BEST FRIENDS: F0rk, Nikky43

FAMILY: F0rk is my cousin, Infected is my FORTUNE TELLER,

ROOMS: Wherever i feel like K? or Skype

CONTACT ME: Xbox360: DCdude8888 PS3: DCdude8888 MineCraft: DCdude Skype: DCdude8888, basically everything is DCdude8888

GANGS: Avengers, Banzinians, Bloods, AMERICA GROUP,


I also have a dog that bugs me, he's pretty chill for a dog, his name's Brick, so if i'm ever on at 4:38 AM It's probably my dog.

My computer poops a lot so I can't play most of your fancy games.

Also Rhinos.

What the Hell else do I write....

He also likes Pringles.