Cupcake is a regular on Zeamspeak. She hangs out with most people and likes to talk to most people on Zeamspeak. She has been here sense day one but originally her name was "SavageFuzz" Which she changed about 2 hours after she came on to zeamspeak to "SavageCupcake" but by now most people just call her "Cupcake". She gets annoyed and pissed easily but gets over it easy. Chilled Choas was her priest at her first 'minecraft marriage' She likes to play minecraft and was one of the people who started the "SDL" faction on Shadycraft(and then they deleted it) She has been know for crashing 4 out the 5 computers shes owned. She is usually the "room creeper" where she will just listen with her mic muted talking in chat unless she really wants to talk. She is also Zeamspeaks very own 'Hentai Artist"

Games: Minecraft, Boardgame-online, karaokeparty, Tinychat, Garry's Mod, Pokemmo, Cards Against Humanity, Portal 2 and Every Harvest Moon game know to man.

Rooms: Sp00ns Dick Layer, Rape R Us, and basically everywhere else.

People She Loves: EVERYONE, but Silver Is my Wife.

Cupcake Swag


A drawing she did of herself