Crash is a regular Netherman zeamspeak visitor. Otherwise known as THE mountain monkey. He is commonly seen with JollyGhostPoop, Nikky43, Rachael, and, Gl4d0s. His PC is convieniently placed between his bed and his wall. Also, he enjoys putting his hands up for detroit. That is, considering, he is the DJ of detroit. As a closing statement, he cannot grow facial hair, so he must draw it


  • "Abort, Abort!"
  • "You owe me a pepsi."
  • "Sp00n owes me a pepsi"
  • "Get out"
  • "Put your hands up for detroit [I love this city]"
  • "To the window, to the wall."
  • "I already have a room."

Pppps: Sp00n still owes him a pepsi.