Chilled Chaos
It s not safe out here by twiragoon-d49fnig

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Chilled Chaos is a twenty-one year old student who lives in the state of New York. His youtube channel, CriousGamers (read as Serious Gamers) has over thirty-four million views and over a hundred thousand subscribers

Chilled on ZeamSpeak

Chilled occasionally comes onto the Zeam Speak, though what he does on there varies greatly. While he will mostly just go into a random room and chat with the Zeam Speak users, he's also been known to just lurk in the Gustapos or cause 'trouble' like he did with The Ban Game. Chilled is also known to both randomly change the names of rooms (most notably Detroit) and make new rooms (such as Rape R' Us) depending on his mood..

On Zeam Speak Chilled has gone by a plethora of names, the most notable and prominent ones being: Not Chilled, Sir Seymour, and Bandit Keith.

Chilled on The Net

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