The Avengers

The greatest group of minecraft players known to man. The Avengers. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE. Starring, Thor-F0rk, Captain America-DCdude, Nick Fury- Crash, Black Widow-Rachael Iron Man-Infected, and Hulk-Jolly.

Captain America (DCdude): The First Avenger
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'Sup, I am the leader of the Avengers, my powers were 'gained from the genius Howard Stark, father of Tony Stark, The Invincible Iron Man. My job was to take out the supervillian Red Skull during World War 2. My job is to protect the citizens of America, and the world no matter what the cost. My shield is my weapon, it is made of Bullet Proof Alloy. I joined the avengers after a call from Nick Fury and work with my teammates to save the Earth, and stop Thanos.

Hey I'm DCdude8888 or Captain America.. or DC.. anyway sup. I love marvel and the avengers so I decided to get my friends from Zeamspeak and create the Avengers! It's pretty cool, so yea..


Thor (F0rk): The idiot of the group, who carries his hammer and mashes his poop. Be good to him, for his father has abused his ice cream abilitys.
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Black Widow (Rachael): Black Widow is the only sensible member of the Avengers. She builds beautiful houses and shoots guns. Dont fuck with her.
2012-07-13 04.28.21

Nick Fury (Crash): Nick Fury is the idealist of the Avengers. He is usually found in his garden or his underground prayer temple. He is the one you need to go to, in order to become an Avenger.
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Iron Man (Infected):

Hulk (Jolly): HULK SMASH

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