Katawa shoujo

i took this pic when i played katawa shoujo

hey guys... i should start by just saying my gaming name is haven 



ive been a youtuber for two years now.. started w/ a crapy HP laptop, went to a decently better desktop (HP also)

i spend time drawing and making gaming vids, some say i upload to much, but i personally think the more the better and it gives more variety to see :3


Fantasy Haven

lover of hanako and has three kids, lives in the hidden leaf village and has the two tailed wolf inside him... he has saved many lives and has even saved hanako



- battlefield 3


-portal 2

-assassins creed 3


-katawa shoujo

you want to know more games i play? well go to my youtube !


gaming names that haven has had

Emile884 (still as his MC name)

bear (former gaming name and as PS3 gamer tag)

haven (present day)

haven hanako (gaming name used November 22nd -> December 28th 2012)

havenslove (LoL name)

havenslife (gaming name that was used 1-1-13 -> 1-16-13)

beatlesfan (WoW name)

god of saviors (said by chilled in a stream)


Gamers that have joined him in recordings

Mantha Metha

King Morgan

Epic Shy Guy


wanna know other gamers that has joined me?... well go to my youtube^


Want haven to draw anime for you? requests can go on his twitter :D